Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

Trans Crowdfund and mutual aid in general; not just this link. this is something that anyone with some disposable income can integrate into their life!

Indian Residential School Survivors Society

Midwest SOARRING Foundation

Planned Parenthood


Coral Reef Alliance

Center for Whale Research

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Clean Air Task Force and other organizations that put money towards pressuring corporations and government to reduce carbon emissions.

First Nations Programs

Indigenous Stewardship Fund

International OCD Foundation

Preserving Native Languages


Native Plant Finder

Hyperbeam (stream with your friends through a proxy)

Beepbox (make a little tune)

CDRomance (retro games)

MyAbandonWare (more retro games)

DeSmuME (ds emulator)

RV's Free Effects (effects for your site)

The Models Resource (3d models ripped from games)

The Spriters Resource (sprites ripped from games)

Catbox (uploading files)


FC2 (some fun and easy-to-use site services)


Plant flora native to your area in your garden.

Be nicer to bugs.

Archive things if you can, either physically or online or both.

Do more research than you think you need to before getting a pet.

Brush your dog's teeth.

In our short time here, the end is not the only thing that counts--in fact, it only makes up a small part.

Get the fries, you'll need the strength in the coming days.