hi! i'm harris! i use they/them, he/him, or no pronouns at all (i.e., just my name)!

as for some basics: i'm 21 (june 6th), nonbinary, and white. i'm really interested in entomology and marine biology, as well as cooking! collecting plushies, images, and other trinkets brings me joy. my fursona's name is harry, you can see him in the bottom left. you could call me harry too if you really wanted to. i keep isopods (armadillidium vulgare & porcellio scaber atm) and hope to dedicate a tank to millipedes soon. i also have a weird dog named penny.

i know people sometimes discourage sharing mental stuff online, but because i'd rather be open about it: ocd and adhd, among other things, affect my day to day life and i find it helpful--even important--to talk about them!

with the creation of this page my carrd is partially redundant, but there are more links there (most importantly one for potential commissioners)! i pretty much just wanted to make this page to share facts about me and show off my favorite things even more than i already do. my blog is linked in the sidebar here, too, if you want to take a look!

so now we begin.. list indulgence...


katamari, slime rancher, pokemon, stardew valley, ace attorney, splatoon, subnautica, yakuza (game series), finfin, ffxiv, dragon quest monsters, ENA, horror movies, animal crossing, etc.


art, writing, cooking & baking, drink making, sculpting, gundams, plushies, figurines, trinkets & containers, transparent PNGs & gifs, PS2-era video game landscapes, stationery


matcha, tea lattes, bubble tea, dr pepper, chocolate malts, almost anything cold and sweet--esp blended drinks


eels (moray, garden), sharks, birds (crows, parrots, pigeons), monkies, arachnids (tailless whip scorpions, jumping spiders), crustaceans, arthropods, whales, pinnipeds, inchworm, canines, beetles, dinosaurs, megafauna

(also mythological creatures. not that they're real i just like them. dragons in particular)