hi, im harris! this site is image heavy, only works on desktop, and was made in chrome (i know, i know). it looks bad on mobile and large monitors and will never be fixed. its also my little home on the web! expect everything to change once in a while, but likely not according to any regular schedule given the person i am. i only know basic html things, so please do refer to the people in the credits if you like any layout aspects! i have them to thank for every page that looks okay.

this is primarily a personal site that doubles as a fanpage for katamari, my favorite game of the series being we love katamari for the playstation 2. i plan to make a bunch of different pages as i get more familiar with html and css (if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment). some things that interest me include entomology, marine biology, 3d gifs and old game level design, food, y2k, and more!

you can find all the other information you could need on my carrd. and if youve made it this far, maybe youd like to sign the guestbook!

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